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Axiology Labs can assure you and your business of top quality products and services by partnering with leading experts and brands worldwide.Along with our laboratory products and services we offer a wide range of online webinars and workshops. These workshops are interactive and include the tools, tips, and strategies for recording high-quality data from study participants..



Founded in Kyoto 1875, Shimadzu Corporation has been supplying cutting-edge products to customers throughout the world for over 145 years. Shimadzu always has been and always will be committed to Shimadzu’s corporate philosophy “Contributing to Society through Science and Technology”.



Axio Sport operates in the Life Science Sector with an established footprint across twelve countries on the African continent. The staff compliment of over 30 employees comprises medical doctors, analytical chemists, biotechnology specialists, microbiologists, sport scientists and Biokineticist. The business offers turn-key solutions across the movement science spectrum ranging from sales and distribution of premium technologies for human motion studies, to the implementation and testing of athletic individuals. Customers include numerous government entities, research institutions, universities as well as the private sector.


Kari du Plessis (PhD) is a Science Writer, not just a Scientist who writes. A good science writer makes the facts understandable and relatable by combining unshakeable ethics and truly authentic storytelling. A good science writer is someone you can trust to peek behind the hazy curtain of scientific research; to filter through the stats, graphs and jargon to bring you the information you need. Kari is genuinely passionate about bridging the gap between hard science and the curious non-scientist.

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