Our new Shimadzu UHPLC-MS/MS with a tandem PDA detector.

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What is a Shimadzu UHPLC-MS/MS?

Liquid chromatograph-mass spectrometry (LC/MS) is an essential tool for quantitative and qualitative evaluation in a wide variety of fields, from pharmaceuticals and food science to environmental analysis.  The most widely used MS/MS system is the triple quadrupole mass spectrometer (TQMS).  Shown below, you can see how this works by looking at MRM mode, which offers high sensitivity among all instrument types

Figure 1_ Schematic of the three quadrupoles in a Triple Quadrupole LCMS.

LabSPACE recently acquired a Shimadzu UHPLC-MS/MS with a tandem PDA detector.  With selectivity, specificity and sensitivity all maximised by the implementation of UFMS technologies, this instrument can be employed for routine targeted analyses and high precision work on more complex samples where accurate results are required.

This high-speed LCMS 8045 instrument allows for fast analysis with superior sensitivity and specificity.  The heated ESI probe, heating block & DL all work together to promote desolvation while preventing contamination from liquid droplets entering the MS unit, improving robustness over time so that reliable data can be obtained consistently at higher accuracy levels than ever before.

Fugure 2.  Dr Charl Yeats and Michael van Niekerk from SHIMADZU at the LabSPACE Africa installation.

What is the LCMS-8045 from Shimadzu good for?

The LCMS-8045 from Shimadzu is an excellent choice for high precision analysis.  The heated ESI probe provides the highest sensitivity in its class and can maintain stable data over long periods of time with accurate results every single time!  In addition, this system offers both ultra-fast scan speeds (30 thousand u/s)and rapid switching capabilities at 5 milliseconds which makes it ideal when you need quick decisions quickly on your analytical runs.

How is the LCMS-8045 designed?

The LCMS-8045 is designed to be robust.  The heated ESI probe, high-temperature heating block and focusing optics all act together to maximise sensitivity while minimising contamination which means that you can collect long periods of continuous data without worrying about your sample being contaminated by other instruments or personnel handling them during experiments.

Does the newest software from SHIMADZU save time?

It is designed to enhance laboratory productivity and streamline workflows.  The intuitive user interface offers an easy way of configuring MRM method packages, which can be accessed via pre-configured conditions or those you create yourself in just minutes!  With this tool at your disposal – all it takes are some clicks on the mouse for analysis commenced without having to develop long hours methodologies themselves which would take up valuable time.

At LabSPACE Africa, we added a Photodiode-Array (PDA) detector to our LC-MS system, which operates in tandem with the MS detector. This allows us to analyse ionising and non-ionising molecules in the same run. Contact LabSPACE Africa to get access to this class-leading analytical analyser.

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