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Understanding Instrument Types, Mass Spectral Data Interpretation, and How a Mass Spectrometer Operates

The development of mass spectrometry (MS) as we know it today was made possible by the groundbreaking work of three exceptional men: Wilhelm Wien, J.J. Thomson, and Francis Aston. The 1907 paper by Thomson “On rays of positive electricity”1 is frequently cited as the pivotal work that announced the emergence of MS, although there are […]

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients in the pharmaceutical industry: A South African perspective

What are Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs)? A packet of medication reaches its intended consumer, stylishly packaged and ready to administer in the most sensible way to relieve or treat specific symptoms. But what part of that little pill is effective at providing relief from medical ailments? That small component that makes it all better, is […]

Axiology Labs: A Solution Driven Company with Expertise in Lab Design

Axiology Labs is a solution-driven company, with expertise in lab design,supply of instrumentation as well as laboratory consumables. Our team canprovide turnkey solutions for our clients and work with them every step of theway to ensure that their needs are met. From designing and equipping labs tosupplying products and services that make laboratories run more […]

Mycotoxin Analysis: What’s new?

What are mycotoxins? Mycotoxins are secondary metabolites that are naturally produced by a wide range of specific fungal species as part of their metabolism. These fungi occur abundantly in our surroundings and food production systems. In fact, they comprise an entire organism Kingdom, separate from plants, animals and other Eukaryotes and they include yeasts, molds […]

Reasons To Become A Medical Laboratory Technician

Indeed, many people have always dreamed of entering the medical field, but noteveryone is cut out to be a doctor or nurse. A rewarding healthcare career thatdoesn’t involve providing direct patient care might be found in working as amedical lab technician.The work that scientific laboratory technicians do free scientists to focus on andcarry out the […]

Monkeypox: What you need to know in 2022

Living in a post-pandemic world has changed our perceptions about potentially contracting foreign viruses. Our once carefree outlook on global diseases is forever changed and we are on full alert when new strains are diagnosed on the other side of the planet.  To no surprise, the recent outbreak of monkeypox has rattled our cages and […]

Biobanking in South Africa

What is biobanking? The short answer? A biobank is a repository of appropriately preserved biological samples forthe purpose of future scientific research.However, in the scientific research realm, biobanking far exceeds this simplified explanation.Back in 2009, Time magazine listed the concept of Biobanking as one of the “10 IdeasChanging the World Right Now”. They cast the […]

Laboratory Quality Management Systems:
An overview

Your brainchild is coming to fruition and you’re finally setting up a new lab. Exciting! Read moreEverything You’ve Ever Wondered About LaboratoriesWhen working in a commercial laboratory setting, there is no way to avoid the term “quality management”. And with good reason!  A well-implemented Quality Management System (QMS) has the ability to make a laboratory […]

How to find most qualified personnel for scientific positions

In order to find the most qualified personnel for scientific positions, it is essential to consider all of the possible sub-specialities in major research directions.  Recruitment agencies with experience in scientific placements are a great place to start.  LabSPACE Africa has chosen Scistaff as our recruiter of choice due to their years of experience and […]